NFL Pool 2012

Pool rules last updated on August 12, 2012


The NFL Pool will consist of 6 separate pools:

1. Weekly Pool
2. Seasonal Pool
3. Survivor Pool
4. Undefeated Week Pool
5. Beat The Dog Pool
6. Margin of Victory Pool

Rule 1:
  • The entry fee will be $40 Canadian. This will get you into all Pools. If you are interested you can follow the link on the left of the homepage, labelled "Signup".
Rule 2:
  • Weekly Pool: The object of this pool is to have the most correct picks (picking against the Point Spreads) each week. The weekly winner(s) will be determined by the person(s) choosing the most correct picks. If there is a tie between 2 or more people, there will be a tiebreaker system in effect. This tiebreaker will be the Total Points for the Monday Night Football Game. The person coming closest to the Total Points will be the winner. If after this there is still a tie, the pool for that week will be divided equally amongst the 2 (or more) tied players. The amount to be won each week currently sits at $150 Canadian.
Rule 3:
  • Internet Pick Sheet: There will be a form located on the Actuaryboy Homepage ( that will allow you to enter your picks. You will need to use your Username and Password in order to submit your weekly picks (selected when you signup).
    The picksheets will be made available as soon as all the point spreads for the games of the week have been determined. This is normally by Wednesday evening. No point spreads will be changed once they are posted. Please note that there are several weeks during the regular season that have early games (i.e., Thursday or Saturday games). Each poolie is responsible for ensuring that they are aware of these schedule oddities

    New as of 2008: The Two-Point Game. Each week, at your option, you can select one game as your "two-point pick". This game, should you pick it correctly, will award you with one extra point (for a total of two). However, should you pick this game incorrectly, you will lose one point. If you elect to not designate one game as your two-pointer, then regular scoring will take place (1 point for a correct pick; 0 for an incorrect pick).

    The option to make a "two-point pick" will only be available each week until the start of that week's first game. The Two-Point Game will affect both the weekly and season standings.

    All picks must be submitted by gametime. The picksheet is real-time. What this means is that once the posted gametime for a specific game passes, the opportunity to submit a pick for that game expires.

    The picksheet will not allow late picks. There is a clock on the server I use which will be the official time. PLEASE DO NOT RELY ON YOUR COMPUTER'S TIME TO DETERMINE THE EXACT TIME.
Rule 4:
  • Seasonal Pool: The winner of this pool will be the person(s) who picks the most correct winners throughout the 2012 NFL Regular Season. In the event of a tie, all prizes will be pooled for the tying parties and split evenly. For instance if two people tie for second, the second and third place prizes will be split between the two individuals.
    Prizes will depend on the number of participants in the pool. At minimum there will be prizes for first through 20th (although during 2011 payouts were made through to 30th place). As well, there will be a prize for last place. Last place will be awarded to the individual with the most losses ($50).
Rule 5:
    Survivor Pool: This pool is straight-up (that is, the spread doesn't matter). Each week you'll need to pick a different team to win. Win, and you stay in. Lose or tie, and you're out. IMPORTANT NOTE -- EACH WEEK'S SURVIVOR PICK MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO THE FIRST GAME OF EACH WEEK. The prize for this pool was $700 for the 2011 season when there were 389 poolies.
Rule 6:
    The Undefeated Week Pool: This pool is in its sixth season, and currently has $2,740 sitting in the pot. The idea of this pool is that each year $1 out of everyone's entry will go into this pool. Should anyone ever, in any week, go undefeated (ties are a win, as a tie is still undefeated) they will take home the entire pool. In order to qualify for this pool, all picks for a week must be submitted. This year the prize money will probably jump to about $3,100. Note: Once this pool is won, it will remain at zero until the following season.
Rule 7:
    Beat The Dog Pool: My dog, Marino, will be randomly submitting picks each week (based on one click of the "random" button on the picksheet). Beat the dog in a given week and your margin of victory will be recorded cumulatively. Should the dog beat you no points will be awarded for that week. The poolie with the most "Doggie Points" wins. This pool will likely have a prize of approximately $200.

    New for 2009 (and continuing for 2012): Each week, eight (8) games will be selected at random. These eight games will be the only games used to determine how many "Doggie Points" you receive. In other words, the rules for this pool are largely unchanged, except instead of using every game each week, only eight randomly selected games will be used each week. The eight games will be indicated on the picksheet with a doggie logo, and a separate page will be kept detailing the eight games selected each week.
Rule 8:
    Margin of Victory Pool: Each week select the team that you believe will defeat its opponent by the largest margin. The points scored by the team you select, minus the points scored by their opponent will be accumulated throughout the season. The poolie with the largest positive accumulated margin at the end of the season wins. Each team can only be picked once through the season.
    IMPORTANT RULE: Each week, you must pick a team. Failure to pick a team will result in your margin for that week being the largest negative margin of all games played that week. IMPORTANT NOTE -- EACH WEEK'S MARGIN OF VICTORY PICK MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO THE FIRST GAME OF EACH WEEK. This pool will likely have a prize of approximately $350.
Rule 9:
  • All picks will be stored on the server. In previous years the pool's picksheet automatically generated an email summary of your picks, and then sent it on to you. Prompted by email difficulties during the 2002 season, I took the time to completely redesign this aspect of the pool. There will be no emails. Your picks are now captured and stored online. This provides for a more robust system, and also allows me to operate other aspects of the website in real-time.
Rule 10:
  • To cover my costs, I will be taking 1.5% of the total pool funds off the top (I make how much per hour!?).

Good luck, and enjoy the pool!